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My name is Wiley, but most who know me long enough just call me Wy.  Blessed with two sets of parents I've been a bit of a nomad since birth.  Growing up, I moved around quite a bit bouncing from state to state, and country to country.  Since college, I've never stoped moving and never stayed in one place long enough to put down some solid roots. Consequently, I tend to call a bunch of places home. 


When I go somewhere new I rarely just vacation there, I move there and find out what makes it special.  I try and immerse  myself in the history, culture, and politics of the place.  I've dined with friends in Palestinian refugee camps, had dinner with the Israeli soldiers that patrol the waters of the Gaza Strip, and photographed an Imam of the Dome of The Rock. I've explored the ruins of Rome, watched armored knights pummel each other in Budapest, trapped alligators in the lagoons of South Carolina, and rafted down the Green River in Utah.  Currently I'm exploring South East Asia.  I'm  riding the rivers and delta of Vietnam in rowboats while eating fruits I still can't pronounce, dining on street food I wouldn't have touched in America, biking ancient military routes, and meeting the local legends.


While life has been amazing it has had it pitfalls as well. For every wild ride I've had, I've also had to deal with the crushing emotional and spiritual loneliness that can accompany travel, the motorbike accidents where you have to ditch the bike to not get run over, dealt with international banks that don't want to release my funds, broken body parts, experienced the pitfalls of traveler love, and felt the insidious fear of missing out on the next adventure. 


So please join me as I slowly travel around the world looking for what makes it, and life, so amazing.


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